JD Foster


           Being a Bronco owner since 19.... well a long time...  I started fabricating anything I could. Here are some of the items I build for resale and some items I've done in the past years. Of course, I try to blend function and looks into most all of them, so look around and let me know if you're interested in anything, JD

   bronco buggy bumper

re-centered hummer rims

aluminum carrier

aluminum under seat storage box

stainless steel motor mounts

stainless steel radius arms

rock ski mounts / roll bar tie in / wrap trap tie in

aluminum fuel tanks

aluminum oil pan

trussed and back braced 9"


press brake for building cold formed plate bumpers. Although it's only 45 tons, it will flex those beams!

1 of 2 parking lot signs for a new orleans parking garage, this is the smaller one, it measures 37' tall!! I just did the welding/fab, but it turned out pretty cool with neon lighting tucked inside the triangulated 4" steel tubing.

wrought iron driveway gates

check this out...this was supposed to be our million dollar idea.. well needed, perfect solution...we couldn't beat the politics of getting a patent tho..we did get to extinguish a ship fire in a matter of minutes!! using CO2..

here is another page with a brief description