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      Wright L  77 Bronco

Wright already had a very nice Bronco, some issues that needed to be addressed,
but it kinda sno-balled......
wlext1  wleng1

Like I said nice, but he wanted to bring it up a notch

wlint3     wlext2  wlext15

wlext20    wlext17

had a water leak under the dash, a mess of wiring, and a good bit of flaking paint that he wanted corrected
wlext16   wlext18
fresh undercoat and fresh painted frame and axles,
wleng2  wleng8  wleng7
meanwhile stuff like this is coming in, saweeet!! Ford Racing 427 complete enginge with Edelbrock TBI, MSD ign, hi torque starter, and I added the Explorer serpentine set up ..
installed the new eng, HP trans, twin stick, BC headers, this is definitley the fun part!!

     wiint9   wlint8   wlint7
stripped the interior and repaired some damaged areas, added dynamat to the complete interior!! , ordered some Mastercraft Baja seats with elec heater, lumbar and rear storage
wleng3   wlext7   wlext21
due to the 351 Boss block (and other goodies) the plan of staying with the stock hood, wasn't going to work.. so, the Buckaroo seemed to be the choice. I cut out the openings and added some SS screens in the scoop cut outs to add a better look.
wlengcomp1   wlengcomp2   wleng10
added some custom alum air dam, and other alum touches!
wlint13   wlint11   wlint12
added carpet, custom console, with heated seat switches. elec door lock switch and remote
wlext6   wlext5  
decided to repaint the top white, I thought it looked badass without any top!!
wlcage1   wlint6
added custom rear roll cage, and custom headliner with console
wlext10   wlext9   wlext8   wlrockergrds   wltranscooler   wlcooler  
added my custom front and rear bumpers w/ tire carrier, rocker gaurds tied into frame
trans cooler,  ps cooler
wlint4   wlint15
finished the custom dash with double din blue tooth/ nav radio, back up cam,
dakota, led under dash lights, Viper alarm w/elec door locks, touch screen tablet for
controling/ monitoring injection

wlext11   wlext13   wlext22
added cool stuff like emblems, under door courtesy "puddle" lights

of course, I had to put a LSU tiger license plate on it, since he's an BAMA man!
wlext25   wlext24
AWESOME ride...