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Tim H 70
 Tim contacted me for some upgrades, he already had a nice running and driving rig, 351w/ 3550 -5 speed/  he just needed some rust repair with added updates! He drove this rig from Mobile, Al. to me (about 100 miles) he got great fuel mileage with the 3550/ 5 speed tranny!!

   nice running and driving rig!!! now it's time to take it apart!!!

    strip out the seats, old cage, floors, and dash. he also wanted to change out the wiring harness to a new centech.

  blasted out the rusted areas and all loose old liner, that was some tough stuff!  it had some rust along the edge of the bed, but not too bad, so i welded in new metal. along with new floors, the interior is lookin good.

all cleaned and blasted, came out nice! undercoated and painted, ready for assembly!!

   assembled underside, I really like that 3550 conversion, in fact it will be going in my son's rig, eventually!! sprayed the interior and fab'd a family cage. love it!!!!

    refurbed the gauge cluster, and painted the dash, he wanted to remove the speaker and ash tray and just make a removeable panel until he decides about gauges or a/c system vents

  finished up the centech harness and fab'd some speaker panels, installed the seats, tuffy console, new kenwood radio and marine speakers, 3 point seat belts, dash cover, ...man it just goes on!!

  came out nice, a little too nice for a Alabama TIDE fan....lol, altho, I did supply him with a LSU key chain, lol...