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Stewart A. 71 Bronco

 Stewart came in for an oil change...ahhh just kiddin... he had a 6 cylinder and wanted the power of a v-8, some cage modifications, mods to the original half cab, and a general "make it right" list. disc brakes, etc...

pulled the big 6 and gave it the normal superblast and undercoat.

the undercoating comes out pretty nice looking. and of course, you gotta touch up the frame and drivetrain while your already funky..

yes!! the mighty 306 Ford Racing crate motor, very nice!! 340hp..x307 alum heads, 670 Truck Avenger, and new alum radiator..SWEEEET..

he wanted the cage to look even when he pulled the half cab off, since he had an internal and external cage, we just put in a new one that gave him more room. the welding machine was in there to try and settle the new rear leafs..they were WAYY too high. but Lonnie at Toms Bronco parts took care of me and got the correct ones. thanks again Tom and Lonnie!!

Since Stewart is a tall guy, he wanted more room, but wanted to keep the half cab. so, we decided to push the bulkhead back and push out the recessed rear window section of the half cab...it worked out very nice and gave him another 4" of seat room.

the new cage and fold/tumble rear seat he already had. and the re-lined the bed area.

 new DeepSouth aluminum 21 gal fuel tank and a front disc conversion. 3-1/2" suspension, dual shocks!!

new  DeepSouth fab'd transfer case cradle.

 finished up, and ready to roll!! added a small light bar to his beefy bumper, and some small stainless windshield mount mirrors and he is a happy man....