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Scott K. 68 Mustang fastback
Scott came in for a complete suspension replacement, addition of 4 wheel power disc brakes, door trunk and hood alignments, electrical work under the dreaded dash, 4bbl and alum intake upgrade, and an overall refreshening. The car looked great on the exterior, but need some tlc.

original 289, c4 auto with a/c. this is the nicest original car that i've seen. no rust and the motor was really clean inside.

front and rear disc brake conversion. nice new stuff!!!

stripping the motor down..take it off baby!! a coat of chassis black on all the correct parts and firewall, new brake booster, alt, water pump, hoses, belts...yup, the list goes on... and on..

much better, all cleaned up and ready to show!! it still needs some items, but definitley ready for the hood to be up!!

it brought back some memories of my stang, damn him to hell!! just kiddin...
it was nice to work on a beautiful car that someone really took care of the last 42+ years!! it shows that a properly maintained vehicle can last forever.


   COOL PIC...