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Ray S. 74 Bronco

RSext2    RSint3     RSeng1
Ray has been in the Deep South Club for a while, he's been driving and enjoying his rig but decided it was time for some upgrades!

RSeng2     RSint4     RSext3
not in bad shape at all!! gotta clean her up tho.. take out the engine and parts, interior and underside parts,

some dash repair and repaint, did everyone use a chainsaw to cut the radio holes???lol,,

RSint5     RSunderside1     RSeng3
lined the interior, lined the underside and coated frame and axles, installed the engine (with a few upgrades)

RSrollbar1     RSext5
FAB'd a cage and off to paint she goes....thats always the worring part.....
(I just don't like them to get away from me!!)

RSext4     RSint2     RSint7
back from paint!! sweet...it's assembly time, this is the fun part!!! yea, baby....

RSext7     RSint1    
Interior re-upholstered, talk about make ya hands sore,,, I don't do it that often...those guys must have a awesome handshake!!
RSext8     RSext6    
WOW, this was the brightest orange/red color (actually a Ford original color) and it POPS!!!
he bought new wheels for her and she is looking very nice! thanks Ray!!