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      MikeC 66 Bronco

      int1 eng1  

Mike contacted me and asked if I could take over a project... No problem... uhm....well....lets do it!!
int5 int6 int7    
stripping it out is always the fun part! check out the key holder! I remember those!!lol cut out floors and added new metal!

body1 body2 body3
taking that body off so we can get her done right! it was in good shape!

eng2 axles1 frame1
not the original motor, so we decided to keep it since it didn't smoke and had good compression, well, for a 6 cyl.. other parts ready to be blasted and epoxied.

frame3 axles2 axles3     
freshly coated and ready!

axles4 int8 int10

sprayed the interior with a truck bed coating, added the new painted dash, and some disc brakes

body5 body6 body7
painted the wheel wells and eng comp, then undercoated the rest, man thats purdy..

body8 body9 under1
body and nparts painted up, put her back on the fresh frame and added a whopping 2" single exhaust, so that monster could breath!!
ext3 eng5
assembly, gotta love it!!! 

ext5 ext6
flares and some new rubber, dat looks goooood!

int12 int11 int13
interior came out super clean, very nice!!

ext8 ext10 ext9
finished product, I really like the color. Definitley one of my favorites!
Thanks for letting me have fun with her!!