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George S. 77 Bronco

 George knew what he wanted right away, MORE POWER!! he had an original 302/ 3 spd/ alum intake with an old 4bbl, same old story, some rust repair on the cowl and he wanted it fresh and ..did I say, MORE POWER??!!

this is how she showed up, nice color scheme, but definitley needing engine compartment work

 the old engine compartment and engine, not bad, the rusted cowl was another story tho.

let's start with the cowl, I think the ford designers started off with the cowl, then built the bronco around it.. the windshield bolts to it, the hood bolts to it, the dash bolts to it, the brake and clutch assembly bolts to it and it is the main support for the cowl and upper firewall. needless to say, it was a ton of fun!! anyway, they actually had a replacement cowl part, from JBG, that fit great and made life a lot easier...

engine compartment and underside all cleaned up, rust treated and sprayed with Herculiner, much nicer!!

ahhh, now who da man??!! Ford Racing crate motor, gotta love opening crates like this!! 306/340hp/9-1comp/alum head/feels like love, but I know it's lust...

engine in, tuned and sounds frickin' great!! the flowmasters really have a rumble now..

added 3.5" suspension lift (it had 2"sus/3"body), 1.5" wheel spacers, raised the front bumper to match the body lift, sitting pretty and ready to rock.
 I'll be adding 4:30 gears and front cage kit to his existing main hoop. more pics coming!!!!