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Brett C. 70 Bronco

 Brett came in for me to finish his project, a lot of us tear into these rigs with good intentions, then...time...money....motivation..... well, a lot of things happen. he started out great, and I really appreciate him doing all the dirty work for me!!!

that has got to be the cutest little mud grips I've ever seen!!!!!! 28" tall hahhahaa
 nice job tho, sanded, primed..he even started the underside!! it had a

start removing!! cage...the Wild Horses big boy...wow, that thing is heavy!! strip out the old dash and parts, replaced windshield hinge with a new ss one. installed dynamat floor deadning mat and prep'd for the new Vintage air a/c unit.


test fit the new dash, layout the new switches and panels...paint and install. he wanted to use the f150 vents but didn't have all the parts yet. the dakota digital is too sweet!!

  he wanted the upgraded a/c control switches, and I know why...really nice!! the knobs actually light up! nice!! also, painted the windshield frame satin black, textured the light bar, added the hella lights and relays and bolted it on, it added a great look!!

undercoated the engine compartment, installed the explorer serpentine set up, ron davis alum shroud, a new 600 holley carb and some ford racing valve covers!!

finished dash with Dakota digital cluster, f-150 vents, alum goodies, nice!!!!!