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Dave Williams sr 73 explorer


    Mr D. used to mud race Broncos the same time my Dad and I used to, just in north La....unfortunatley we never crossed "race" paths. Too bad, it would've been a great relationship.

  originally came in for bumpers, cage. now for some mechanical, body and interior work. undergoing a facial, not a show truck, just nice street. it needs completion. paint is 68 hemi orange. it has a rear main leak on a newly reman'd motor... fun..

got it back, started some of the body work. not too bad. gotta make sure all the panels fit and the lines are straight. (did i mention grille work is not fun at all....)

  stripped it out, prep'd and painted dash, installed gauges, he wanted to change to black herculiner in the interior, so i prep'd and rolled in some more.

 body work done, ready for the paint, a friend is going to spray it in a booth..not a bad idea since there's so much metal dust around my shop. how ya like the cool tires.. ;^)

back from the painter, nice job!! I'm just doing the major assembly, Mr D will have the fun part of finishing it. it will be SWEET!!


tried twice, couldn't fix the rear main leak in the truck so I had to pull it...bummer new reman... it does have a small scar on the seal surface..?? new crank kit is on the way!!


alright!!! now we're gettin somewhere..some down time at the painter, but assembly is AWN!!! motor install will be soon!!!!!!!!!

  re-installed the "non leaking" engine, assembled the body parts, polished the wheels, added a new windshield and installed bumpers!
  finished my part...he gets the fun of final assembly!!! of course, he gets the fun of possible scratches, nicks and driving it!! THANKS Mr. D!! ENJOY IT!!