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      ClemH 69/72 Bronco

     Clemext3     Clemext2
Clem asked if I could rebuild his Bronco that he has had since high school. It was
an OK looking rig, until.....the closer I looked. yea, it was a bucket... I think rust was
holding it together!!
So, after searching for a decent tub, yes, that is hard to do.. this is what we found..
it was actually in pretty good condition!

Clemext5     Clemext6     Clemext7
OK, put it on a rolling frame, leveled, squared it up, and began the panel changes. transforming a junk looking tub into something that resembles a Bronco, lol!!

Clemeng2     Clemeng1
primed and coated the frame, cleaned the motor and tranny
and the gazillion parts as typical....  
the motor looked rough, but was actually replaced 351w with a rv cam, the tranny
was out of a 70 mach one and was a 4 speed (looked identical to the 3 spd
other than having the additional shift rod...) it also had a nodular rear end.. someone apparently robbed a mach 1!!

Clemint1     Clemunderside1    
lined the interior and the underside, nobody wants the rust to come back!!

Clemeng4     Clemeng5
after cleaning, painting and adding some sweet parts... it's looking dam nice!!

Clemext9     Clemeng3     Clemext10
Dropped the body on, he had his own painter, so it was stress free, lol...
put in the radiator, msd, battery and goodies!! Added some body panels and
made sure they all aligned up nicely... takes some time to get'em all right..

Clemint2     Clemint3     Clemint5
Clem wanted a double din radio in the dash, fab'n the dash was easy, fitting bthe radio.... ah, not so much..lol
Painted and ... added a/c

Clemint4     Clemunderside2     Clemext12
added the Dakota digital (carbon fiber w/ blue) looks awesome!!
put some flowmasters on her, added a Deep South FAB new sport cage!!!


trimmed out the paint under the body panels, windshield frame and inner fenders so the painter had a little easier job, plus.. he wont get overspray on my hard work!!!!
he bought new wheels and tires and sent me this finished pic

Thanks Clem!!