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Brett C 70 Bronco

 Brett came in to get me to finish his project. Like a lot of us, we tear into these rigs with the best of intentions, but time, money and motivation usually dwindle....
 He started out good tho!! a lot of the dirty work was already done!!

that has got to be the cutest little mud grips I've ever seen!!!!!! 28" tall hahhahaa
 nice job tho, sanded, primed..he even started the underside!! it had a 6 cylinder that will be replaced for a 302.

new floors, etching primer already to go, me likey!!!

same ole procedure, strip everything out, clean and seal it up, undercoat time!!
I went with a different coating in the engine comp.

a new reman'd 302 with a new comp cam, rpm intake, street avenger carb, ceramic headers, pertronix ign, looking gooood!!

ahh, the choice, cut or not cut.......


    i really like this grabber blue!!!!!

         dressing her out, nothing like adding the finishing touches. Brett had a painter lined up to do the exterior, so he just wanted me to do the cut in and assemble.

                            there she is ready to go home...