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Ben B. 70 Bronco

 Ben called me to try and help him get his Bronco road worthy and dependable. WOW, that's asking a lot!!!! really tho, he started off with the basics and as usual,


   not too bad...someone actually welded in a complete aluminum subfloor!! didn"t help with the ongoing rust, but they put in some hours doing it!!

engine comp not too bad either, engine was already rebuilt and dressed up a little. it just needed some TLC..

hgot the floors in, metal pcs welded in, cleaned and ready for spraying some herculiner! now we're in the fun stage, putting her back together!!!

 sprayed in liner, added some door inserts, rebuilt dash to stock, fab'd a sport cage, looking good now!!

  cleaned and painted the engine compartment, brought it to a local painter and had some bronco light blue put on her!! added some factory seats, 3point belts, chrome bumpers, emblems and lights. SWEET!!

   i traded for a nice set of wheels that really set it off.

   i'm not gonna say finished, because we all know they're never finished, haha....
it came out very nice, and extremely clean!! the underside looks just as good as the exterior!! Thanks Ben!!!