JD Foster


This is my baby....
my 2nd attempt at a restoration. it came out beautiful as well! luckily it was all complete also, but had some rust in the typical places. I still have it! ha...

1973 Bronco


when we got it, it was uncut, had a headliner, carpet, pwr str, pwr brakes, auto, a/c, chrome trim, silver grille and all the goodies, but it was not a ranger package??

I had the body acid dipped at a local place called redi-strip, it was the ultimate in removing all rust and stripping the finish down to the metal. The bad thing was, it wasn't dipped in a all the areas that are concealed or lapped could never get protected....

I guess a lot of us has been here....the start of the money dumpng process!!

I molded in a cowl ind scoopand used BASF etching primer, and the complete Dupont high build primer and chroma system (basecoat/ clear coat). it has a beautiful finish.
added some ultra white stripes that really helped!! added gray Durabak (Herculiner) inside the bed, undercoated complete with black Herculiner.

over the years replaced my 302 with an awesome 351w. Added all home fabricated items like alum oil pan, trans pan and rad over flow, SS bumpers, SS radius arms, Alum fuel tank, anything I could build!!

shortly after finishing the paint. my first sport cage and cool SS bumpers. and got surprised!!! how cool....made the cover of Bronco Driver Magazine issue #14

slowly evolving, the bronco (and my fab work..) SS rockers, recentered hummer rims, family cage, steering tubes, trussed and braced 9" does it ever stop??

   after adding a double transfer case, BAMF joints, links and getting more involved in trail riding, my beautiful rig... isn't quite so beautiful anymore.
  rock crawling is incredible fun and exciting, but not even close to the fun times with the friends I've made that makes every trip a reunion....